Wedding Ceremonies


For couples who would like to hold their Civil Wedding ceremony at the same venue as their wedding celebration, our venue is an ideal choice.

Set in a beautiful Victorian building, we have the perfect ingredients for both a civil wedding ceremony and reception alike. The facility to hold your wedding ceremony at Trafford Hall Hotel is normally offered throughout the year on any weekday and during the weekend between 8.00am and 6.00pm. Our licence allows us to hold the ceremony our Royal Suite (20 pax) and Signature Suite (60 pax).

No food or beverages may be served in these rooms one hour prior to the ceremony taking place – thereby complying with the legislation.

Music may be played prior and/or during the ceremony and the Registrar specifies that the nature of this music must be secular, suitable, seemly and dignified. Any query regarding specific musical items must be referred to the Registrar.


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